25 Fun Things to Do During Summer at Home When Bored

25 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is a time for relaxed schedules and longer days. As we look ahead to the summer days, we also want to keep your kids learning all summer even if it’s just in small ways. Here are 25 fun things to do in summer at home when bored.

Most moms wonder what to do with kids during in summer? How do you keep your kids active and busy without letting them sleep in too much and play on electronic devices all day. These summer boredom busters will keep your kids active and happy all summer.

Fun Summer Activities at Home

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  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of bugs, insects, flowers, or trees to find and go search outside on a scavenger hunt, bonus point if you draw what you find.
  2. Map the constellations – star gazing is fun. On warm summer evenings, sit outside and find the constellations, then make your own star map.
  3. Do a STEM project – if your kids love science, try a fun STEM project.
  4. Make slime or homemade playdough – kids love playing with slime and playdough, both are great for tactical skills.
  5. Do a summer photoshoot – all summer take fun pictures of your summer activities. Then make a photobook of all your fun activities.
  6. Make a home movie – come up with a short story for a home movie, create characters and costumes, and film your home movie. Have an “opening night” for friends and family to see your movie debut.
  7. Create your own cookie recipe – take a recipe you love and make modifications like adding M&M’s or cinnamon to chocolate chip cookies or create an entirely new recipe. Be sure to take pictures for your summer photoshoot.
  8. Make or buy a slip-n-slide. If you make your own, learn materials will make a good slip-n-slide and what won’t.
  9. Get a journal and record how many bugs and insects you find in your backyard in your journal. Make it more fun by drawing pictures, writing down colors, what they eat, where they live, and more.
  10. Spend time on your favorite hobby.
  11. Journal your summer memories. Write down something you do every day – big or small.
  12. Wear your favorite color (be bright and bold). Learn about coloring matching and coordinating.
  13. Learn something new about your city, state, and country. Make a notebook or fun facts presentation include state/country flag, founding date, and other interesting information you learn.
  14. Try summer fishing. Record what you catch in your summer journal. Learn about the best times and places to fish.
  15. Make homemade ice cream. Make up your own fun flavor. Learn about how churning makes ice cream and butter.
  16. Make S’mores either over a campfire or at home in the oven.
  17. Sleep under the stars (or in a tent) even if it’s just in your backyard. Listen to the sounds you hear and try to guess what each sound is.
  18. Play a new game. Board games can be lots of fun. Try a new board game each week.
  19. Learn about a historical event in your state or country or something that interests you. Make a history timeline.
  20. Read a new book or read the entire book series. Check out this summer reading challenge.
  21. Get wet! Have a water balloon or water gun fight, go swimming.
  22. Teach your pet a new trick. Teach your dog to sit or rollover, teach your cat to climb stairs on command.
  23. Go on a walk or hike and identify the birds you see. Take a journal and draw the birds in your journal.
  24. Learn a new music style and identify why it’s unique and different from other music styles.
  25. Make homemade lemonade – try making traditional lemonade, pink lemonade, watermelon lemonade and more.

You can also let your kids come up with their own ideas for summer fun. What would they like to learn and do during summer break. Try to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on a learning activity every day.

Remember, learning doesn’t always have to be structured like during the school year. Sometimes, the best learning happens during the unstructured moments when they are doing something they really enjoy.

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  1. Dorothy Boucher

    I love all your fun ideas here and I know one of mine is having the children make and decorate a bird house to hang outside. But I love journaling , reading new books and just having a simple picnic.

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