30 Inspiring Journal Prompts for Homeschool Moms

Encouraging Journal prompts for homeschool moms

At some point in your school year, every homeschool mom asks herself, “Why am I homeschooling my kids? Wouldn’t it just be easier to send them to school each day?”

Let’s face it, homeschool days are long. Many days, it seems like the school work and lessons never end. You might wonder why you ever thought homeschooling was a good idea.

But wait, let’s think back, when you started homeschooling, you believed it was important. You had a unique perspective to share with your kids. You knew that teaching your kids yourself was the best option. If you feel discouraged or you are having a bad week, take some time to answer these journal prompts and rediscover why you started homeschooling and reset your attitude. 

Then the next time you have a bad homeschooling day, you can read your answers and hopefully be inspired again (or you can answer the journal prompts again for new insights).

As you walk through your homeschool journey, focus on the positive results homeschooling has for the entire family.

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Benefits of Journaling

Journal writing is a a personal way to process your thoughts, emotions and reactions through writing. Journaling has many benefits including recording your daily activities, your big wins and losses, and your solutions.

As you journal, many times you will realize your feelings of frustration come out on the paper allowing you to release those feelings and move on.

Journaling can also help you resolve problems or issues by allowing you to think through the situation and consider multiple possibilities.

How to Journal?

The best way to journal is to have a set time and place to journal. It’s also good to have a designed notebook or journal for your writing. 

I use an Erin Condren notebook for my journaling. Each day that I write in my journal, I put the date on the journal entry and start writing. Most of the time I’m writing down memories or expressing feelings. Writing my feelings helps me process them. 

I also like to journal at the end of the day. You might prefer to journal in the morning.  

30 Journal Prompts for Homeschool Moms 

1. Why did you start homeschooling?

2. What part of homeschooling do you enjoy most? Why?

3. What frustrates you most about homeschooling? How can you make this better?

4. Describe your perfect day homeschooling.

5. What was the biggest breakthrough or impact you have had on your kids through homeschooling?

6. What makes you excited about homeschooling?

7. What changes could you make that would make homeschooling better for you? And for your kids?

8. How has homeschooling changed your home and family?

9. When you think about homeschooling, what what positive impact are you making on your children?

10. What would you change about homeschooling?

11. Why is homeschooling the best choice for you? For your kids?

12. Who is your easiest child to teach? Who is the hardest child to teach? What can you do to help each child improve their learning?

13. Describe your homeschool routine. What could you do to improve your routine?

14. How many hours a day is best for homeschooling? Why?

15. What is the best advice anyone ever gave you about homeschooling? Did you follow this advice? Why or why not?

16. What advice would you give a new homeschool mom?

17. One thing I love most about our homeschool is …

18. My biggest fear about homeschooling is…. 

19. Three things you will do to improve your homeschool in the next 90 days.

20. What fun learning activities can you add to homeschooling? What everyday life experiences can be incorporated into homeschooling (i.e. cooking, laundry, home cleaning, car maintenance, etc…)?

21. What is the funniest thing to happen while homeschooling?

22. What Bible verses encourage you to continue homeschooling?

23. What field trips would your children enjoy and also be a learning experience?

24. Little things can make a big difference. What little things are you doing in your homeschool that have big impact?

25. Make a list of books your kids would enjoy reading. Maybe some books can be read together.

26. What new habit can you and your children work on? Why is this habit important?

27. What is your best homeschool memory?

28. How can you make learning more personalized for each child?

29. Does you homeschool schedule/routine work for you and your kids? If not, is there a new way? it could be better?

30. How will homeschooling impact your kids 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years from now?

After completing these journal prompts, you will realize the good things happening in your home school. Is homeschooling hard? Yes. Does homeschooling have great rewards for your hard work? Absolutely. From time to time, step back and look at the big picture. You will be inspired, mom.

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