Exodus 33:14 God’s Presence with us and gives us rest

Exodus 33.14

Today’s verse in Exodus is from a conversation God had with Moses after God had given Moses the 10 commandments and the Israelites has built the golden calf.

As I was reading through this passage, I’m always struck the the details and the word for word recording of this conversation between God and Moses. It’s a very personal conversation. In verse 11, the Bible records that God spoke to Moses “face to face, as man speaks to a friend.” I can think of 2 times when God and Moses had this type of conversation. At Mount Sinai (this context) and at the burning bush.

This verse is a direct quote from God. A promise we can claim today.

 He said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Exodus 33:14

In the preceding verses in Exodus 33, Moses asked God for assurance of God’s plan. It’s as if Moses is asking God are you sure you will stay with us? Are you sure we are your chosen people? Moses asks God to show him “Your way” and this nation is “Your people.”

God’s response is to say His presence (God’s presence) will be with Moses and the Israelites. In Deuteronomy 7:9, a similar promise was made that God’s presence would be with his people for 1,000 generations.

I find that when I am unable to sleep, it’s often because I am worried. Mostly worried about things and situations out of my control. Similarly, if you were the Israelites during this time, you are in a wilderness. Alone. Knowing that God’s presence is with you would give you great peace.

God’s presence was always visibly with them. By day they could see a cloud leading them, and by night a pillar of fire which would also give them light in the darkness. They were never alone. God was always with them.

As Christians, we have the same promise from God. His presence will be with us (the Holy Spirit lives within us) and gives us rest. We can trust in the peace that God gives us. It’s real peace. Jesus said he gives us peace. Not peace like the world gives, but true peace.

If you feel alone today, claim this promise that God’s presence will be with you always and he will go with you wherever you go.

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