Faith Journaling: Getting Started with the Erin Condren Faith Journals

faith journaling

Faith journaling is a special kind of journaling that merges spiritual insights with personal reflection. Faith journaling can be used to grow your faith.  

  Today, I’ll be reviewing the Erin Condren Faith Journal collection and why you will love adding this journal to your daily faith routine.  

Ready to start faith journaling? See why you will love getting started with the Erin Condren faith journals.

Special note: I would like to thank the Erin Condren team for sharing these journals with me. All opinions here are my own. This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure policy here.

1. What’s in the Erin Condren Faith Journal? A Look Inside

Erin Condren offers 2 faith journals – the Daily Faith Christian Journal and the Daily Faith Journal. The main difference between these 2 journals is the Daily Faith Christian Journal includes Bible verses on monthly pages and a focus on daily Bible verse study, but the Daily Faith Journal is more general with today’s lesson.

Both designs offer 160 pages with 3 months of journaling, a monthly planning/goal setting page, and monthly review, plus additional journaling and reflection pages.

Erin Condren Faith Journal daily page

You can use the daily journal pages as a Bible study planner writing down a verse that’s important, what it means to you and how you will apply it to your life.

2. Designing your faith journal – Creating your own design cover or choosing from pre-made designs

The inside of both journals is similar. The main difference is the Daily Christian journal is “Today’s verse”, “Reflections on today’s verse,” “How I want to walk in this verse today.” The general faith journal has “Today’s Teaching Lesson”, “My reflections on this teaching” and “How I want to bring this teaching into my day.”  Either journal can be used for Christian faith journaling.

Erin Condren Faith Journal Weekly layout

These daily journals have pages with space for daily gratitude, the Christian journal splits the daily gratitude with daily prayer. In the Christian journal, it would be nice to have more space for prayers and prayer requests.  A prayer list section is included at the beginning of both journals.

Is it for personal reflection? Is it for a devotional? It can be both. What you write and how you write about it is completely up to you.

Both journals come in the A5 size (which is 5.8″ x 8.3″). It is a good size to have with your Bible and taking to church for sermon notes.

You can choose a predesigned cover or design your own cover. I did one of each. If you like a Bible verse or quote on the cover, you can choose from a few pre-designed covers or change it to your own favorite verse.

3. Writing on the Pages – Pencils, Pens, Markers & More!

When I journal, I like a nice pen. Because the pages in these journals is a nice weight, you don’t have to worry about colors bleeding through.

I like the ballpoint pens and gel pens because they have a nice smooth glide across the paper.  The gel pens come in many colors.

Erin Condren Gel Pens

If you are artistic, you might prefer the markers which come in many colors, too. Be sure to get the dual-tipped markers which have a fine tip and medium point depending on how you are using them.

See all the Erin Condren pen styles here.

Stickers are another fun way to personalize your planner. You can add quotes and inspiration, reminders, and more.

4. Make it intentional

Walking in faith will not happen if you don’t have a plan. Time just seems to get away from us. That’s why I added the Intention planner/journal. With this journal, I can also set faith and spiritual goals.

There are pages for daily, weekly, and monthly intentions and goals. You can set your goals and track your progress.

The Intention journal is one more resource to grow your faith.

Conclusion: My Thoughts on my Erin Condren Faith Journal

I’m very excited to share the Erin Condren Faith Journals. I love how they are so well organized and can be used as a journal, Bible study planner, and more. One of my favorite things about it is that you can customize it with stickers which make it unique to the person using it.

These faith journals are great for homeschooling. You encourage your kids to have daily Bible reading and reflection with an emphasis on how to apply the Bible to their daily life. It’s Bible study and writing practice all in one.

I really enjoy my Erin Condren faith journal because I can use it for reflecting on my Bible study, writing down prayers or thoughts, and tracking my daily reading from the bible. It really helps me keep see what I am learning and stay focused on what matters.

Get your Erin Condren Faith Journal today.


Make faith journaling a daily habit.  See the Erin Condren Faith Journal collection.

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