Free Encouragement Cards

Encouragement cards

A thoughtful card and a smile can make a huge difference. Give your kids a little daily dose of inspiration with these encouragement cards.

Kids love encouragement cards. They make them smile and feel loved, especially on the hard days.

Picture the smile on your daughter’s face when she finds this encouragement card with her lunch or on top of her morning agenda. Your son will look at you and roll his eyes letting you know this is cheesy. But he still loves you gave him a little inspiration.

What are encouragement cards?

You might call them lunchbox cards. But these bright cards can be shared anytime during the school day. These encouragement cards are colorful and add a smile to every day.

These cards are made to be shared. Be creative. You can share encouragement cards at lunch or place one by the cereal bowl for breakfast. You can also post one on the mirror in the bathroom or on the front of the refrigerator. Put them somewhere in your home or homeschool classroom where everyone will see them.

Just complete the form below and your encouragement cards will be sent right to your inbox.

Faith Hope & Joy is a place for moms to come for encouragement in your Christian life, assurance of the hope you have in Christ and joy for everyday living.

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