Genesis 29:20 True love

Genesis 29:20

It’s Valentine’s Day today. I thought a Bible verse on love between a husband and wife would be perfect. I could have chosen a verse from Song of Solomon (which is a love story filled with romance and passion – right in the Bible). But I chose this verse because to it reflects a struggle, a choice and an enduring love.

Here in Genesis 29, Jacob has worked for Laban for 7 years. He is finally ready to marry this love, Rachel.

 Jacob served seven years for Rachel. They seemed to him but a few days, for the love he had for her.

Genesis 29:20

Even after waiting 7 years, this verse reflects the deep love Jacob had for Rachel (If you know the story, Laban tricks Jacob and Jacob marries Leah, Rachel’s sister. Jacob must work 7 more years to marry Rachel) In our modern world, waiting 7 years or 14 years to marry someone you love is unheard of. One has to wonder, couldn’t Jacob have just found another wife?

Jacob shows an example of commitment in his love for Rachel. It was his choice to love her. A decision he made every day as he worked for Laban. In this short verse, we see that true love is more than a feeling we find in romantic novels and Hallmark movies.

When we are in committed relationships, we know true love is a commitment. It’s hard work. Some days it’s very difficult to look past the flaws of our spouse or problems in our life. Love says we’ll work through this together.

If you are living in difficult times and seasons, time often seems so slow. We wonder if the bad days will ever end. But as you look back after 5 years, 10 years, and as you see your kids are grown, you’ll think as Jacob did, for love this seemed like just a few days.

The story of Jacob continues in Genesis. I’m sad to say it doesn’t become a love story for the ages. It’s a story filled with jealousy, frustration, sadness, and loss. It has many lessons we can apply to our lives.

But for a moment today, let’s remember true love is much more than a feeling. Feelings will change day to day and moment to moment. Love is an enduring action and a choice we make every day.

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