Isaiah 26:3 Perfect Peace

Isaiah 26:3 Perfect Peace verse

When you hear the word peace, what images do you see in your mind?

Do you see a peaceful stream or river, maybe a calm walk in nature?

As a mom, you might think it’s a day without your kids bittering and fussing with each other.

Is peace the quiet time in the early morning before the kids wake up?

Does peace mean you have a sense of inner calm?

In Isaiah, God promises not just peace, but perfect peace to those who trust in him.

 You will keep whoever’s mind is steadfast in perfect peace, because he trusts in you.

Isaiah 26:3

The book of Isaiah was written during a time of turmoil and political stress due to struggles with the Assyrian Empire. Likely, if you were living during this time you would worry about battles and potential enslavement if the Assyrian empire succeeded (we know from history that Israel was eventually taken into Babylonian captivity).

When you consider the political difficulties during this time, it gives you a bigger context and understanding the stress and fear during this time and the deep meaning to God’s promise for perfect peace.

I believe that deep down we all long for the perfect peace described in this verse. Many will seek peace in other people, accumulation of money and things, or abuse of alcohol/drugs, but they will not find peace.

The perfect peace described in this verse is promised to those whose mind is steadfast and trusts in God.

When you need peace, perfect peace, realize this peace only comes from God. It is a peace given those who believe in Jesus and trust him. Rather than look at yourself and your problems, give your worries to God. Trust him to give you perfect peace in all circumstances.

Don’t let people or circumstances steal your peace. Stand in the perfect peace of God, you will also find rest you are longing for.

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