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Make learning Spanish fun with this easy Spanish matching game for kids.

Have you been thinking about teaching your kids Spanish? Kids love learning a new language. Learning Spanish for kids is easy to start as a second language.

Spanish words are fun to say out loud. My oldest son walks around the house saying, “Hola! Como estan mis amigos?” Sometimes we see who will say it first.

Have your kids ever watched Dora the Explorer? My kids loved to watch Dora the Explorer when they were little. Dora did a great job teaching basic Spanish words in an everyday context.

Learning a language as a child even if you only learn what the words mean can help you expand and better understand English. So many English words have roots from European languages. Knowing the basic meanings of words from other languages can enhance your understanding of English.

While Spanish is not a root language for English, knowing the meaning of Spanish words can help you with English words. For example, did you learn to count to ten in Spanish when you were young? Think about the Spanish numbers: uno, dos, tres. English words like uniform (one outfit for school or work), tricycle (a bike with 3 wheels) are better understood by knowing the words for numbers in a language like Spanish.

Kids learn Spanish for free with this easy Spanish matching game will help your kids quickly learn the words for colors in Spanish and Spanish animals. Once they know these words, you can practice them as you see these colors and animals in your home and as you go are out and about.

Just complete the form below to request your learn Spanish for FREE matching game and flashcards. That’s right, this game can be flashcards too, just print the pictures and words front and back and then cut into flashcards.

Once your child masters these basic Spanish words, start expanding to numbers and more objects you have around your house and practicing the words in everyday conversations.

If your child is a little older (3rd grade or older), Duolingo is an easy app and website to practice more advanced ways to learn a language in sentences and context.

For a complete Spanish curriculum, check out these Spanish textbooks or courses:

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The Complete Book of Spanish, Grades 1-3
By Carson-Dellosa Publishing LLC

The Complete Book of Spanish Workbook is a kid-friendly introduction that teaches kids basic Spanish such as numbers, the alphabet, parts of speech, expressions, days and months, and more. Review pages constantly evaluate progress and provide additional reinforcement, while crossword puzzles and other games bring an extra element of fun. This workbook can be used individually or in a classroom setting; answers are included in the back. Features flash cards, a Spanish-English glossary, and a bibliography of children’s literature. 416 pages, softcover. Grades 1-3.

Spanish for Children: Primer A
By Classical Academic Press
Rosetta Stone: 24-Month Single Student Online Subscription
By Fairfield Language Technology

Your turn…

How do you like to teach your kids a foreign language? What value has learning a foreign language brought your homeschool?

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