Luke 12:25 Why are you anxious?

Luke 12:25 Why are you anxious?

As today started, I was feeling anxious. It’s not that I have a big problem, but it’s another “thing” to deal with. As I was looking for a verse to share this morning I found Luke 12:25. Jesus calmly reminded me this is not something to be stressed and worried about. It can be fixed.


If then you aren’t able to do even the least things, why are you anxious about the rest?

Luke 12:25

In this passage from Luke 12, Jesus tells us that God takes care of the birds and God provides for our most basic needs. He gives us life. He can handle all these things in the universe at one time. He can take care of you, too.

The verse reminds us that we cannot do these things, we have limited control over anything.

God wants us to trust him. God wants us to depend on him for his care and his mercy.

God doesn’t want us to worry. He’s got everything under control.

If you feel anxious and worried today, take a deep breath, ask God for grace and peace, and thank him for his provisions and protection.

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