Psalm 20:4 Your Heart’s Desire

Psalm 20.4 - May be grant the desires of your heart

Last night, our puppy found one of my daughter’s favorite shoes. As puppies do, he started chewing on it. It was a Croc, so he could do damage quick. With one or two chomps, he broke the strap.

When my daughter found the shoe, she was very upset. She was in tears with her broken shoe. At first, I was going to cut off the strap (because she didn’t use the strap anyway). But then she asked if we could super glue it back together. I said sure, let’s give it a try. We glued it and this morning it’s holding together.

As we worked on the shoe, I thought about how we often come to God with pieces of our lives that are broken and He puts them back together. Many times making us more beautiful than before we were broken.

In Psalm 20, David is praying a blessing. It’s a wonderful chapter asking God to take care of us in our day of trouble, be our sanctuary, and forgive our sins. He even wants to give us the desires of our hearts.

In Psalm 20:4, David makes this request,

May he grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your counsel.

Psalm 20:4

In the ESV translation, this verse is translated “fulfill all your plans.”

We all have dreams and hopes for the future. Isn’t it amazing that God wants to grant the desires and hope of our hearts?

When I look back at my hopes and desires, I can see many, many times when God granted those hopes and desires for me. At times, I prayed for years and other times it might have just been a wish. Yet, God fulfilled them.

What about you? Can you see times when God has answered prayers and given you what your heart desired?

Psalm 20 is an encouraging chapter. Read it today and mark it in your Bible so you can come back to it often.

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