Psalm 94:19 God’s comfort gives us joy

Psalm 94:19

During various times and season’s of life, we may experience anxiety and stress. You may feel alone at times.

You might be worried about a health condition you or a family member is experiencing.

You might be concerned about finances and work related issues.

Sometimes we have problems with our interpersonal relationships that cause us stress.

As a single mom with 3 teens, this season of my life is stressful every day. I’m always worrying if I’m doing the right thing and about my kids.

Take comfort today and claim the joy God want’s you to have in today’s verse.

 In the multitude of my thoughts within me, your comforts delight my soul.

Psalm 94:19

In this Psalm, the writer expresses deep distress about the wicked. In verse 3, the writer asks, “How long will the wicked triumph?” This writer describes the works and deeds of those who are distressing him and stealing his joy. Often times, we are worried about what others are saying or doing to us.

Then, in verse 12, the writer looks to God and says that God instructs us and gives us rest from adversity. In verse 16, he asks who will rise up against the evil doers? The answer is that God is with him.

In verse 19, the writer says that his thoughts and anxieties are distressing him, but God’s comfort delights or brings him joy. Trusting in God changes you.

If you feel like everything or everyone is against you, read Psalm 94. Understand that God is with his people and he has not forgotten you. He is with you and he is able to comfort you and give you joy.

Jesus is the joy that lives within us. No matter why you feel anxious today, remember, in Romans 8:28-29, nothing can separate us from the love of God. Pray for the joy of Jesus to fill your heart and give you peace.

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