Psalm 94:19 God’s comfort

Psalm 94:19

Do you ever have a day when your thoughts just run away? It could be one situation or person that you just can’t stop thinking about or it could be several different people or situations that are causing you stress.

When we allow ourselves to dwell on a person or situation too long, our thoughts, all the possible “what if’s”, can rob us of our peace and rest in Jesus.

 In the multitude of my thoughts within me, your comforts delight my soul.

Psalm 94:19

In Psalm 94, we sense the psalmist is distressed. The writer feels their enemies are all around them. In verse 3, the writer asks how long will the wicked triumph. Verses 4-7 describe despicable actions of the wicked.

Then in verse 12, the writer focuses on the righteous. He says they are blessed. The Lord gives rest in the times of adversity. The Lord is with us and will not leave his people.

In verse 16, it’s the Lord who will stand up for us and be our help (saying that God will help us seems like an understatement of his power).

In verse 18, we see God’s love for his people. His mercy (his love) will hold us.

After the writer has described the actions of the wicked and protection God provides, in verse 19, he says in all my anxieties, you comfort me and delight my soul. God gives us peace and rest.

As you look around in your life and different situations, don’t dwell on what might happen or could happen. Claim the promise of Psalm 94 that God will protect you and give you peace.

God’s rest and peace is like no other peace. We can have God’s peace even when a storm of life is raging around us. When we show this peace to others, they will see a difference and want this peace, too.

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  1. Well we know there is chaos everywhere. But it’s soothing and comforting to know that so is God He is omnipresent so He goes before us and is a sheild around us .and will give us peace that surpasses understanding and is with us in tribulation. So we have no fear.iam confident that His promises hold true and never waiver for He cannot lie or repent. I am blessed and priveledge d to have Jesus in my life.

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