A Prayer for Moms

A Prayer for Moms - Hope and Encouragement

Motherhood is one of life’s greatest gifts and greatest challenges. Moms spend years of their lives teaching, encouraging, and supporting their children. We pray for our children to grow in faith. But we don’t always pray for ourselves. In this post, I’m sharing 2 short prayers for mothers.

I’ve been a mom for almost 20 years (longer than any professional job I’ve ever had), but most days, I’m still wondering how to handle situations that come up, arguments between kids, and trying to understand the many emotions my children feel. That’s why this prayer for mothers strength and courage is so important.

Benefits of Prayer for Mothers

When my heart is sad or my day feels stressed, prayer brings peace and security. 

When we don’t know what to say or we don’t know the right thing to do, prayer provides answers.

When my children will not listen, prayer allows me to ask for God’s help.

I was recently praying for guidance and started praying for wisdom like Solomon. 

Then, in addition to wisdom, I realized I needed patience like Job, Joseph’s favor, David’s passion, and Jesus’s love and kindness. I pray these gifts for you, too.

APrayer for Moms

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for allowing me to be a mother and for trusting me to care for and raise my children.

But motherhood is harder than any other job. I request these 6 blessings for moms reading this prayer:

May You give every mom wisdom like Solomon. May you give her insight and understanding for each day and circumstance so that she can guide her children in your ways. May you give her Godly wisdom in all she seeks and every decision she makes.

In I Kings 3:9, Solomon asked God for understanding and discernment to know good from evil and to lead the people well. We ask for discernment and wisdom to guide our family each day.

May You give her the passion of David. Let the pursuit of knowing You be her focus. As she pursues You, let her love for You grow with a passion to make You her first pursuit.

Because of Saul’s sin and disobedience, he lost the kingdom. In I Samuel 13:14, it says God will give the kingdom to a man after God’s own heart. The man God chose was David.

May You give her the eloquence of Paul. May she always have the right words in every situation that will guide her children in Your ways.

Paul said in I Corinthians 13:1 that speaking with love was how we can reach others. May her words be loving and reach the hearts of those who hear.

May she have the patience of Job. May she be patient and loving in each challenge she faces. Do not let her become overwhelmed with frustration. 

James 5:11 mentions Job’s perseverance. Job waited patiently for God and endured many long hardships, but he did not turn from God. Job remained faithful.

May she always have Your favor like Joseph. In good times and in bad times, may Your face shine upon her and give her Your favor and Your peace. Let her know that all circumstances she faces are part of Your plan, as Joseph said in Genesis 50:19-20, “I am in the place of God, and he meant this for good.”

May she show Jesus’s love to her family and everyone she meets. May she love her family with deep and unconditional love, just as Jesus loved us.

In Jesus name,


A Prayer for Frustrating Days

Not everyday will turn out how we plan. Our kids won’t want to listen, things are not happening as we want them to, but we can’t give up.

When I don’t know how to make things work, and my kids are set in their ways, I pray something like the prayer below, asking God to intervene in a way I cannot imagine. And He does.

Here’s a prayer for the frustrating days:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please give me the words to speak that will reach my child. Let them hear what I’m saying and know how much I love them and that every day I seek to show them and teach them what is best for them. My rules are not for their punishment but for their protection.

Please open my child’s heart, turn their anger into understanding, and bring peace and calm to this situation.

In Jesus name,


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