Ephesians 3:20 Understanding Your Waiting Season

Tick, Tick, Tick. With every second, the sound of the clock seems to get louder and louder when we are waiting. At times, when waiting has become so long the intense sound from the clock can seem like the only sound we hear.

I don’t know anyone who likes waiting.

If you are like me, when we pray we expect an immediate answer.

The longer our prayers feel unanswered our frustration grows, and we wonder why God is making us wait.

This post will help you understand your waiting season.

Joseph’s Waiting Season

In the Old Testament, Joseph waited a long time. He must have questioned God’s purpose in sending him to slavery and then prison for 13 years. But Joseph doesn’t become bitter, he doesn’t question God’s response time. In fact, at the end of Genesis, we find that Joseph forgives his brothers. He tells them you meant this for evil, but God meant it for good (Gen. 50:20). God had a much bigger plan for Joesph than Joseph ever could have imagined when he was waiting in the prison.

Joseph’s character shows us how to graciously live a season of waiting even when it’s a very long season. During the waiting years, we see Joseph is faithful to God (he turns from sin), he prepares for the uncertain future with leadership roles, and he doesn’t become bitter when anger and bitterness would be a normal response.

My Waiting Season

I remember when my husband and I were trying to adopt through foster care. The process took years. We had to get approved, then we waited for a placement, then we waited through the foster process to find out if we would be able to adopt the child placed with us. Finally, we waited again for the adoption to be finalized. In all, I think it was 3 years from the start of the process until the judge signed our final adoption order.

As we walked that journey, I remember how loud each tick of the clock seemed. Three years seemed like forever. But as I look back, all the waiting was worth it (all 94,670,856 seconds), because I’ve been privileged to be a mom for 19 years to a precious son. The wait was part of the process. I learned to see how God was working in the wait.

Understanding Your Waiting Season

Over and over in my life, I remember waiting seasons when God brings me to a place of waiting as he is now. My impatient heart and my make-it-happen spirit don’t like to wait. But I’m seeing God change me through the process of waiting.

I have learned the same lesson Joseph learned that waiting has a purpose. It brings glory to God. Through our waiting seasons, we see all the big and small ways God is moving the pieces of our lives into place. We can trust that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask or think.

You may be waiting for an answer from God today.

You or a family member may need healing or good health.

You may have financial stress or need a new job.

You may have relationship issues.

You may be concerned for your children.

You probably feel the wait has been too long. Try to see how God is working today and how he is able to do more than you could ever ask or think.

If you are in a season of waiting today, I’d love to pray for you. Just complete the contact me form and put prayer request in the subject line.

This week’s as-it-is-written verse is Ephesians 3:20.

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