Best Homeschool Podcasts

Do you ever ask yourself, how can I improve my homeschool? What are other homeschool moms doing that might work for us? How can I make homeschooling better for my kids? When I first started homeschooling, I would pop in my earbuds and listen to homeschool podcasts to learn from other homeschool moms and to get new ideas. If you are looking for fresh ideas to help improve your homeschool or you would like new ways to help your kids to learn, check out these best homeschool podcasts.

Homeschool Podcasts

Here’s a list of homeschool podcasts you don’t want to miss.

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Read-Aloud Revival

The Read-Aloud Revival is a podcast focused on reading, especially reading aloud. As a homeschool mom, I spend much of my time reading aloud with my kids.

At the Read-Aloud Revival, you will find many ideas to inspire a love of reading your kids from preschool to high school.

Click here to check out the Read-Aloud Revival podcast.

The Homeschool Sanity Show

Dr. Melanie Wilson is a homeschool mom of 6 and on her podcast, The Homeschool Sanity Show, she shares advice and practical tips to help solve the problems that drive you crazy in your home school.

Click here to listen to the Homeschool Sanity Show.

The Homeschool Sisters

Fun, helpful and insightful, The Homeschool Sisters have ideas to help and answers to questions for your homeschool. Recent episodes include dealing with strong-willed and wiggly children, homeschooling imperfectly, and co-ops and copy work.

Click here to enjoy The Homeschool Sisters show.

Generations Radio

Focusing on cultural issues of the day with an emphasis on homeschooling (more why you should homeschool than how), the Generations Radio show is always relevant and on topic and one of my favorite podcasts.

Daily broadcasts update you on current pop culture and how Christians should respond. This broadcast and Kevin Swanson’s book, Taking the World for Jesus, have changed my approach to teaching history to place more emphasis on how God is working in all history and how the gospel is spreading from creation to now.

Click here for the most recent Generations Radio program.

Podcasts are a great way for you and your children to learn from others. It’s so easy to listen by just popping in your earbuds.

Best Homeschool Podcasts

The Brave Writer

Julie Bogart is inspiring with homeschool ideas (not just writing) on The Brave Writer podcast. Julie is a mom who homeschooled 4 children. You will love her insights and practical teaching ideas and her energy.

Homeschooling can exhaust moms. Julie’s energy will keep you going each week.

She also has a fantastic book, The Brave Learner, where she shares many of her homeschooling tips.

Click here to check out The Brave Writer podcast.

Podcasts for Moms

Proverbs 31 Ministries

For an encouraging and practical podcast teaching how the Bible relates to your life today check out the Proverbs 31 Ministries podcasts. You love these broadcasts focusing on real problems and real solutions.

Click here for the most recent Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast.

The Crystal Paine Show

The Crystal Paine Show offers moms simple and practical tips to enjoy the life you have and create the life you want. Crystal focuses on family relationships and parenting, home life and personal goals in podcast.

Click here to get inspired by the Crystal Paine Show this week.

Elementary Podcasts

If your child would rather listen than write or you need to break up your daily routine, here are a few of the best podcasts for kids.


Storynory is a collection of books, stories, fairy tales and more recorded for children to listen. It’s a great way to get your children interested in classical literature and stories.

Check out Storynory here.

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