Bible Trivia for Kids

Bible Trivia for Kids

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Quick, can you answer these Bible trivia questions for kids?

Who was the oldest person to ever live?

What is the shortest Bible verse?

Who did David fight with a slingshot and stones?

If you said, Methuselah, John 11:35, Goliath, you would be right.

Ever since the launch of “Trivia Pursuit” board game more than 4 decades ago, trivia games have continued to grow in popularity. Game shows such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” enjoyed tremendous success and “Jeopardy” is still going strong after an incredible 36 seasons.

These trivia game shows are perhaps popular with contestants for their generous prizes and the thrill of 15 minutes of fame. But apart from the contestants, they are also popular with studio and TV audiences. Some enjoy the ambience or the charisma of the game host, while others have fun playing along and basking in the satisfaction of being one up on the contestants.

Besides being entertaining, trivia games can also be educational. The random fun facts that we pick up from these games often stay with us for a long time, and some even spark lively debates and inspire further research.

It is no surprise, then, that there are many versions of trivia games and apps available today, including Bible Trivia. With Bible trivia games for kids, you can have fun with your kids, your family and your friends and learn about the Bible at the same time.

But while there are certainly benefits in playing Bible trivia games, there are downsides as well. In a typical Bible trivia game, those with more Bible knowledge will inevitably dominate the game, while those with less exposure to the Bible may become disengaged or worse, embarrassed, and resentful. Bible Games Central has come up with a unique version of Bible Trivia that is designed to mitigate these negatives.

Make learning the Bible fun with Bible trivia games for kids.  Challenge yourself and your kids with Bible trivia games.

Free Bible Trivia Game for Kids

In our version of Bible Trivia, everyone has a chance to score points. For each question, there is one Answerer and one Asker, while the remaining players are Guessers who can score points by guessing if the answer given is right or wrong.

Printable Bible Trivia Question Cards and a printable Bible Trivia Board are provided. Questions are divided into 5 categories: (1) Easy, (2) People & Places, (3) How Many, (4) Old Testament and (5) New Testament.

The game works like this:

1. The Answerer rolls the dice to determine the question’s category:

(1) Easy

(2) People & Places

(3) How Many

(4) Old Testament

(5) New Testament

(6) Answerer gets to choose

2. The Asker (player on the left of the Answerer) draws a card from that pile and reads out the question. If there are no remaining cards in that pile, the Answerer gets to choose from any of the remaining categories.

3. After the question is read, the Answerer indicates his/her answer by placing their token on either A, B, C or D on the Bible Trivia Board. Once the token is placed, Answerers cannot change their answer.

Bible Trivia Game set-up

4. The question then becomes open to all the Guessers. Guessers indicate whether they agree or disagree with the Answerer by placing their tokens on either Agree or Disagree on the Bible Trivia Board. (To avoid confusion, each player should have a unique token.)

5. The Asker reveals the correct answer after all Guessers have placed their tokens.

Two points are awarded to the Answerer for the correct answer, while all Guessers who guessed correctly get 1 point each. In this way, even younger players and those less familiar with the Bible can score points and enjoy the game while learning about the Bible. Since points are awarded to all who answered or guessed correctly, the difference between the scores of the strongest and weakest players is narrowed, making it more fun for everyone.

This Bible trivia game for kids and adults provides a fun way to learn the Bible, build relationships, and make family memories.

Bible Games Central also provides seasonal trivia games based on the same gameplay. Check out their Thanksgiving Trivia and Christmas Trivia pages for free printable Thanksgiving Trivia Cards and Christmas Trivia Cards.

For more fun and captivating Bible games for kids of all ages, head over to Bible Games Central. Most of the games on the website, which covers a wide range of Bible passages and topics, are provided free and are accompanied by high-quality free printables and Bible lessons.


Teach the Bible with Bible Trivia for kids.  Check out this fun Bible trivia game.  #Bibletrivia

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