Kids Behavior Chart Printable

Kids Behavior Planner

Changing kids behavior doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating for you and your child. With the right tool, changing kid’s behavior can be fun and rewarding with this kids behavior chart printable.

Making a Behavior Chart at Home

It’s easy to make a behavior chart at home. Start by choosing the behaviors you want to focus on changing and making them part of your daily routines.

Then, get a behavior chart printable like the one at the bottom of this page. Write-in your chosen goal behaviors each week that you expect your child to complete each day. Activities for your behavior chart at home could include:

  • Making their bed (if old enough)
  • Cleaning their room
  • Brush their teeth
  • Completing their homework/daily school assignments
  • Daily reading for 20 minutes
  • No fighting with siblings
  • Help making dinner or dinner clean-up
  • Any task, behavior, or chore you would like for your child to change or improve

Before you complete the weekly activity list, ask your child for input for one or two goals or tasks to work on in addition to the goals you set.

Each day as your child completes a task give then a smiley face reward. At the end of the week, count up how many smiley’s have been earned during the week. Last, use the predetermined reward chart and allow your child to choose their weekly rewards.

Simple rewards like 30 minutes of video games can require a smaller number of smiley’s than a bigger reward like getting to choose a favorite fast food dinner or spending the night with a friend. Bigger rewards may take several weeks to save up enough smiley’s to earn.

Remember to focus on your child’s positive behaviors. The more you can focus on the positive behaviors the more they will want to do positive activities and not negative activities.

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