How to Have the Best Christmas Ever

For many of us, Christmas is our favorite time of year. We love the Christmas music, decorations, and activities.

Do you have a Christmas from your childhood that you remember as your best Christmas ever?  I remember big celebrations on Christmas Eve. We would have lots of family, food, and laughter. It was always one of my favorite nights of the year.

Christmas can also be a time filled with busy days and lots of stress. If we aren’t careful, we’ll forget the meaning of Christmas and become like Scrooge and bah humbug our way through December.

But, I don’t want you to become sour to Christmas. I want you to have the best Christmas ever! Here are five tips to make this the best Christmas ever.

How to have the Best Christmas ever

Tips to Make This the Best Christmas Ever

Guard Your Schedule

My schedule for December fills up fast. What about you? 

We are making plans for almost every weekend in December, including family get-togethers, parties, and a visit from an out-of-town guest. December is going to be busy.

If you don’t want to get overwhelmed and stressed, it’s important to guard your schedule. Choose to accept invitations and plans that will matter to you.

Don’t feel obligated to do everything.

Create a To-Don’t List

As you limit your schedule, create a “to-don’t” list. 

Most of us have very long “to-do” lists but we never make a “to-don’t” list. 

Start your “to-don’t” list by saying this Christmas I’m not… then make a list of everything you don’t want to do this year.  If you don’t enjoy it or it doesn’t bring you Christmas cheer, add it to your “to-don’t” list.

Some things you might have on your “to-don’t” list:

  • Don’t get caught up in the commercialization of Christmas.
  • Don’t jam-pack your calendar. Don’t let your days be so busy you can’t enjoy anything.
  • Don’t overshop and spend too much.
  • Don’t spend all your time cooking and baking. Choose a few holiday favorites to share with family and friends.
  • Don’t do everything yourself. Ask for help or, better yet, do things together with family and friends.
  • Don’t miss Christmas because you were too busy preparing.

Choose to Make Memories

Christmas is a special time of year. You want to make special memories with friends and family. 

If you don’t have family traditions, this year is a great time to start.  Family traditions can be passed down from your kids to their kids. 

As you go through the Christmas season, don’t just be there, but really be present. Put your phone down (unless you are taking a picture), enjoy each moment, and cherish each memory.

Journaling is a great way to preserve memories for yourself and also for your kids in the years to come.

Perfection is Overrated

Have you ever let your perfectionist tendencies take over? When we try to make everything perfect, nothing is perfect. Plus, we frustrate ourselves because we feel things are not perfect, and we upset the people close to us because they get stressed.

Most of the time, what we consider “good” is close to perfect. We are just focusing on one little thing that likely no one will notice anyway.

If you let go of perfection, you might find this is the “perfect” Christmas.

Celebrate Jesus

We have Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The coming of Jesus changed everything. We live in a world that Jesus impacted.  It’s important to make Jesus the center of Christmas.

The best Christmas ever isn’t about the gifts you give or receive, the food, Christmas trees, or parties. The best Christmas ever is one with our focus on Jesus and telling others about the true gift of Christmas.

Ways to Celebrate Jesus at Christmas:

  • Play Christmas carols in your home and car.
  • When you put up a Christmas tree, teach your kids that the evergreen Christmas tree reminds us of everlasting life found in Jesus, and the lights remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.
  • Read the Christmas story from Luke 2 aloud on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.
  • Donate your time as a family to help others in need this Christmas season.

The best Christmas ever can’t be bought with money, or found in fancy clothes, or filled with a full calendar.

The best Christmas ever is knowing Jesus and the true hope and peace he offers us. When we know the true meaning of Christmas, we can have the joy of Christmas every day.

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