Matthew 6:27 – Worry isn’t the solution

Matthew 6:27 do not worry about tomorrow

Have you ever noticed when you worry, most of the time it’s about things you cannot change?

We worry about things that will happen in future.

We worry that what others will think or say about us.

Many times we worry because we listen to the news or allow the opinions of others to cause us stress.

Much of our worry is about things or events that never happen or don’t happen the way we have worried they will happen.

Here in Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reminds us that worry is not going to solve the problem and worry isn’t going to change it (but worry will impact us).

 “Which of you by being anxious, can add one moment to his lifespan?”

Matthew 6:27

The Sermon on the Mount is a mini instruction manual for how we should live our lives. It includes the beatitudes, the Lord’s prayer and instruction for daily life.

Right in the middle, Jesus tells us not to worry. When we worry, we don’t help the situation and we cause unnecessary stress.

From Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus reminds us not to worry about our life and basic needs. We can take comfort that our heavenly father knows our needs and is able to provide for all we need.

Finally, Jesus also offers us an alternative to worry. He tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Then all these things (food, clothing, shelter, daily needs) will be provided for us.

Jesus closes the passage in verse 34 by saying tomorrow will have it’s own troubles. Therefore we should focus on seeking God and kingdom today. Today has it’s own trouble.

For the Christian, worry is futile. When you start to worry, redirect your thoughts to trusting God to meet your needs on a day by day basis and praise Him for his daily blessings.

Focus on growing God’s kingdom today, and leave tomorrow’s worry and trouble for tomorrow.

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