Psalm 62:1 My soul rests in God

Many of the Psalms were written by King David. In his writing, we see a man who was troubled and distressed throughout his life. During these times, David turns to God for peace.

Psalm 62:1 opens with a claim and praise that “my soul rests in God”.

My soul rests in God alone. My salvation is from him.

Psalm 62:1

Throughout Psalm 62, we see David is trusting in God for peace and rest.

In verses 2 and 6, God is our rock and salvation. Not only does give us a stable place to be, but he is also the salvation from our troubles. By faith, we can have peace.

When we are unable to rest, often it’s because we have fear, doubt, worry. Many situations in life we cannot control. During these times, we can turn our worry, fear and doubt to God. As David wrote, God is our rock and salvation.

At times, we will feel our problems and even people cause great distress. These times can seem never ending. David understood this feeling of helplessness. He wrote in verse 3, “How long will you attack a man?” When we wrote this, he must have felt an endless attack from his enemies.

But, in verse 5, he is not defeated, he says, “My soul, wait silently for God alone.” In time, God will provide salvation, God is your refuge (vs. 8).

To have rest, we need peace. On the days we feel internal uneasiness or you are struggling with problems, remember that God is your fortress, your strength and waiting to give you rest.

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